Tuesday, February 5, 2013

$150 Silver Explosion


When we see at monthly candle chart of Silver from 2003. In this up cycle, month of December is decisive. When December month’s candle closes in green, next 4-5 months uptrend remains continue. If December closes with a red candle, means a consolidation for seven to eight months and than uptrend starts from September and continues till march- April of next year.

In years 2004 – 2006 – 2009 – 2011, December months closed with a red candle. One thing is common in all these red December candles. These all took 23% - 25% correction from December months’ high.
(i)                 $8.16 to $6.30 in year 2004
(ii)               $14.19 to $11.00 in year 2006
(iii)             $19.44 to $14.63 in year 2009
(iv)             $33.67 to $26.12 in year 2011

December 2012 was also closed with a red candle and made a high of $33.85. Hence, taking a 23% retracement ie. $26.07 is due, somewhere in second week of February. If, however, $26.07 doesn’t come in February, then $27.57 will be the resistance and then March, 2013 will touch $33.37 as a high. A down-trend will start again from this point, which will continue till $26.07, most probably in July or August, 2013 , a safest point to add longs with a strict stop-loss of $25.90.

Since 1995 there are no two consecutive red December candles. December  2011 and 2012 both closed in Red. This long consolidation is a sign of explosion. In my opinion, last week of May, 2014 silver will be at its peak , which will be around $150.


$26.05, $27.57, $33.37, $37.50, $41.30, $44.17 and $49.82 . These all are important support-resistance levels. One should buy on support and sell on break of it and vice-versa.

For example, Short at $33.30 with a strict stop-loss at $33.50.

Long at $33.45 with a stop-loss of $33.30 (three day continuous daily close below $33.37)

Buy at $27.57 with a strict stop-loss of $27.48.

Short @27.50 putting a stop-loss of $27.57 (three day continuous daily close above $27.57) and so on.

Author: Silver Future

Silver Future

Hansraj Babel, a practitioner financial astrologer, has been doing research on silver price movement for over 20 years. His sole approach to analysis is derived from market cycle pattern, found in the form of Price, and Time, and it is generated from the best source possible, the market itself.
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